Finding Assisted Living in Scottsdale, Arizona
It’s always difficult to decide where you should place your parents when the time comes for senior care. Arizona offers a wide variety of Scottsdale assisted living facilities to choose from.

Assisted living directory assisted living facilities provide individuals with likes and dislikes about facilties. They offer activities and personalized care for people with minimal care through those in need of memory care, dementia and Alzheimer’s. When searching for a facility for your loved one there are several options to consider.


Location is a key opponent when searching for senior care away from home. Individuals who aren’t able to care for themselves anymore need to feel that they’re still close to their loved ones. Commuting long distances will only cause visiting your loved one more difficult as you’ll have to deal with traffic and it can be time-consuming especially if you have prior obligations such as children or going to work.


Small facilities may have three to five individuals with one staff as larger facilities may not have enough staff available to care for your parents’ needs. You’ll definitely want a facility that provides quality care and not have a place where the staff doesn’t want to spend time with the individuals. A larger facility may acquire certain amenities such as pet therapy, arts and crafts, computer games, swimming pool, gym, and various games for the residents to participate in; however, this may also cost more and they may not have the professional staff on-site to tend to the needs of your loved one.


Another important source to look for in an assisted living facility in Scottsdale, Arizona is whether or not the place has on-site housekeeping, or will your parents have to clean themselves? Do they have trained nurses aides that are able to administer medication? Do they provide nurses should a resident have serious health-related issues? These are the types of questions that you should ask when interviewing or touring a healthcare facility. It also a good idea to bring your loved one along on the tour, they’ll be the person that will be living there. The staff at the facility can meet them and you can see how well they interact with each other.

You may consider spending time with some of the residents at the facility. Allowing your parents to have dinner with them and talk with them about what a typical day is like. It could benefit your parents and give you the peace of mind that they’re happy with the environment.


The main concern is the expense. How much will you have to pay the facility out-of-pocket if your parent’s income doesn’t cover the monthly payment? Generally, in most cases, Social Security income will pay for these types of facilities. If your parents have long-term care insurance, veterans benefits, or home equity life insurance, these sources of funds would go to the healthcare facility for payment of their stay. You would pay if the monthly fee would increase and their income exceeds the amount.

It’s also important to keep the future needs of your parents healthcare in mind. Don’t hesitate to ask questions about what they offer as your loved ones grow older and may require extensive medical care. It’s best to cover all bases from the beginning.